The livin’ may not be easy for everyone, but up here in the boonies it’s not too bad. The garden is thriving. I picked peas this morning. There is something so satisfying about shelling peas. The one chore I actually look forward to.

  Shelling peas.

Big bowl full

The zucchini are in full stride too, of course! Tomatoes growing, beans- bush, climbing, and lima- blooming. I’ll be sweating away in the kitchen with the canner soon. Not a chore I really look forward to, but the results are satisfactory.

I am weaving, too, a couple projects I intend to offer to magazines so won’t show those yet. But I was doing some stuff with Log cabin that turned out pretty well. They’ll make nice coasters or, well, about anything else you might want to make!

  Diagonal weaving on the weave-it loom. Plain and log cabin.

Same thing in Green. This one done of the Multi 4″ square.

Still hoping to make it up to Sis’s this year, but will be a couple months yet, it seems. I’m getting a new knee middle of this month and then there’ll be some visits to the Torturer to learn how to use it, but I hope to get though that part quickly. I go in the 13th to get my lecture from the surgeon on being too heavy, but I have actually been losing. We’ve been walking up the hill every morning. Made it to the top again with only one stop to pant , this morning!

So I hope you all have a sense-able 4th of July weekend. I want you to all stay safe! Both heath-wise and fire-wise. There’s been a lot of air traffic around here this morning that I am hoping is just precautionary. We can save our fireworks for New Years when there is snow on the ground. They look even prettier then anyway!

Meantime…Happy Birthday USA-I hope you are around for another one!

2 thoughts on “Summertime…

  1. Good luck with knee replacement. I had surgery to my left thumb in Feb. Arthritis to the joint. The dr cleaned up the joint and relined it. Didn’t turn out a well as I had hoped. Limited use of my left thumb/hand. I have limited grasp strength. But I manage.  I think most of my family will be together tomorrow at Shirley’s, she has a pool. We haven’t all been together since early Jan for my grandson’s first birthday. We have typical Midwest weather, temp 91, but humidity today is only 41. Had been 80 plus earlier in the week.  Have a safe holiday! Hello to your family. June


    • Thank you, June. I am not holding my breath about the knee. The way people are going now, the corvid cases are climbing again so they may end up canceling it again. I’m okay with that because if the Hospital doesn’t feel it’s safe I am not going to argue. But it‘s always last minutes so you can’t really do much planning. I’d like to go up and visit with Rosy but it’s really difficult when you don’t know what you’ll be doing. I hope your family visit went off well and safely. My family is so spread out anymore that I rarely see them. It would take some doing to get everyone together, and it’s going to take quite a lot of get me on an airplane anymore. But I am glad you are seeing yours. Weather here has modified back to regular summer weather and I hope we don’t have any more of that extreme hot like we had earlier where it reached 108! Totally unheard of here. 100 used to be an extreme and that rare! Take care and Hi from me to any who might know who I am! Hazel


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