Looking though some old photos….

I found this top which is made with some really nice Blue Sky cotton. But it, as you see, was a fashion fail! I think I’m going to frog it and find a better use for this nice yarn. In fact,  any ideas?

It’s just as well that it’s a fuzzy photo! lol  But you have to admit it is not flattering. Maybe if it was sewn instead of crocheted together and the sleeves were smaller, not so baggy…

Or how about this one. That goes way back! In fact, I think this one was woven on my first triangle loom, and adjustable 7′ tri. It’s supposed to be a cowboy style jacket. Not even sure what happened to that or whether it’s still around.

Another bad idea. Saw a picture of a knitted “cocoon”. Seemed like a great idea so used some nice alpaca to weave a bunch of 12″ squares and put them together into the same shape. Knitted about 100,000 rows of ribbing around it. Nope- definitely not. So I frogged the ribbing and ended up with this. It looks better on my ‘dummy’ with a belt. And has since been washed and pressed, which also helps but it was a hit on her at the last show.

So, anyway, just  a few examples of how things don’t always work like the ideas in your head. So then you look for another idea and try again! Sometimes you just have to give up in the end, but I won’t show you those just now. I hope to be able to show you the new cotton project sometime this summer.  It’s going to take awhile to disassemble this one and figure out just what can be done to save this lovely cotton yarn.

Hope you’re all getting some nice weaving done! And starting your gardens, of course. It almost May!


2 thoughts on “Looking though some old photos….

  1. Hi Mom!
    I like the blue sweater. I like the crochet lines (looks like a starburst). What it needs is a modified neckline, and the sleeves to be revised. That panel in the neckline needs to be shortened, to show some skin. And maybe add a couple inches in length. The short, square shape makes it less flattering. As far as the sleeves, either make them wider, so they are ruffled or skinny them up to fit tighter.
    Love you! Have fun!


    • Thanks. I just didn’t like the x pointing to my..chest. I don’t have the figger for am empire waist line but maybe if I just took out the horizontal line… Yes, the sleeves need modifying, I think I’ll opt for tighter, as loose and ruffly aren’t really my style. As for the neckline, the only way I can modify that is stitch and cut and I’m not sure how well that’ll work on this rather bulky cotton. It might come to that, tho.


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