Almost done with November, Already!!!?

Yeah, time is flying again! Don’t know how it does that, seems we just started this month. sigh. Well, I dont’ have much to say, been trying to keep up orders and clean up around the place in preparation for winter. Which the Weather Wizards say is to arrive mid week! Needless to say we aren’t ready for that, either.  Well, the pantry is pretty well stocked and the wood shed is over flowing this year so the important stuff is done anyway. Garden clean up has not gone so well, better get myself out there today. It was 26f this morning, tho, so I think I’ll let it warm up just a bit first.

Have an appt Dec 2 to see a surgeon about knee re[placement. I think I’m changing my mind about that, tho. It has not been bothering me this summer or fall. At least not to that degree. I have never liked the idea of someone cutting on me, at least not to that extent. My doc has ‘froze’ off those mysterious growths that old people get but that’s pretty minor. Well, I’ll go talk to the man, anyway.

Here’s a couple pictures just to spruce up this post. I’m sure I’ll be [posting some snow pictures later this week!

Drying some persimmons from a neighbor.

The first rain in a couple months. It did end up really wetting these rocks, tho most was gone the next day.

Maybe a little smile. 🙂 But turkeys here are safe from us at $2,99 to $6.99 pound. We’re having beef- it’s cheaper!

Have a lovely holiday! Don’t forget the Thanks part! No matter how it’s going there is still something to be thankful for, we need to acknowledge that!

3 thoughts on “Almost done with November, Already!!!?

  1. I always enjoy hearing your stories. Have a great Thanksgiving. I’ve been going through family pictures,lots of them. Came across some with your mom and dad. Several with grandma and grandpa and aunt Betty. I made sure to label them, but I don’t think my kids are very interested. Makes me miss mom and dad. Take care. Your Illinois cousin, June


    • Nice to hear from you June. I sometimes can get on face book and like to see what you are up to there as well! I am in the same spot, the kids just aren’t interested. Well, I kind of remember being like that, too, when I was young. Now I find myself wishing I had ask or at least paid more attention. ah well, Just doing what I can and maybe they’ll reach a point before I die that they will want to know more about those who came before.
      Meantime. wishing you a cozy winter, too!


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