A conundrum… fur sure!

So, cleaning up the studio, downsizing, all that  kind of thing. Here’s another big batch of woven block. All of assorted yarns, weights, textures, sizes, techniques… you know the way it goes. I’ve been demoing these looms for almost 20 years now and tho I have used a lot of them you can see that I still have a lot waiting to go into some lovely & useful projects. But what? What can you do with such a mish-mash? A lot of them I will not be able to identify the content so what happens when I mix wool and acrylic, or chenille  and silk or cotton any other probably incompatible  mix? I guess I am hoping some of you will come up with a clever answer! There’s a small stack of felted squares and a couple that fit no category!

Sort of like my pictures! lol I can’t seem to get them to do what I want, either! But you can see what I mean. There’s a lot of weaving hours and a lot of yarn tied up here and it ought to be good for something. Any ideas?!

Not sure!

Many Multis but mostly different!

Felted 7″ squares 

Woven on the 7″ square, different ways different sizes, too! Now what?!


4 thoughts on “A conundrum… fur sure!

  1. I have the same kind of stack LOL. I think it might make a nice wall hanging, crocheted together with a dark color so the other colors pop (black or navy), or maybe white (you could lay out a pleasing pattern on a white sheet to see if white works). A wall hanging doesn’t have to get washed, so different fibers aren’t an issue.


    • lol The wall hanging would only have one problem… there isn’t any wall space left in this house! lol I might be able to make it a curtain for one of the open doorways. It would look nice but I have a hunch Himself would complain. Still I think I might think about the curtain idea. Thanks!


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