I’m on row 5 of the ribbing for the woven thing. There’s 588 stitches in each row so when I’ve finished row 5 that will be 2940 stitches! And the ribbing is supposed to be 11inches wide. My 5 rows are an inch so..hum…I think that comes to something like 32,340 stitches. I had the basic row picked up when the game started so nearly 4 hours to knit 4 + a little rows. I did have to take a few breaks for wrist & elbow!  lol

5 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Great progress! Yes, make sure to take breaks … not worth risking your health over getting it done sooner.
    All those stitches … that’s one reason why I’m not a lace knitter, lol!
    Your project looks beautiful.


    • Wow Claudette! I have been trying to get hold of you for a long time! I was afraid something had happened! I am sending you an email to your PayPal account email address, the only one I have. Please look there and get back to me! Glad to hear from you again!


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