Ever wonder why it’s call the Big Sky?

And here we are on the top of the world. I don’t remember what pass this is but it was lovely and exactly the right time of the year to meet the most populous residents.. mosquitoes!

But we had nice camping places.

Saw lots of wild life.

Opps! Sorry!


But on the way home we found Mt Shasta on fire. Turned out to be a ‘control burn’ which, this time, did not get out of control.

And we got home to find we have a new neighbor, spending the summer in the community.

Now we’ve gone to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon without taking any pictures & are home again for awhile. But it’s been an enjoyable month! Hope your summer is not too hot!



3 thoughts on “Montana

  1. Thank you for the fotos of Montana! Mt Shasta and the pronghorn antelope are my faves but they R all great. What is the caterpillar on the flowers? Thank you!!! Jos


  2. Hazel, meeting you at Black Sheep was a highlight of the gathering! You and your looms are amazing. It’s difficult to stop weaving! It goes so fast! When I’m done with one, the curiosity of what the next one will look like, well I can’t help it, I just keep going!! Looking forward to your class at OFF! Thank you again for your patience! Pam


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