Okay, on the job again!

My order From JoAnn’s with the fabric stabilizer arrived. I never saw anything that said how wide it was so only ordered 2 yards thinking it was probably was wide as the iron on interfacing of many ears ago, but it wasn’t so I just applied it to the top yoke part where I needed to cut. I think that’ll be fine and it really really helped with the cut and sew part! I wasn’t really sure what I was doing to it my all peel off eventually but it seems fine now.


I ran a top stitch around the neckline when i had it sewn together just to make sure noting starts raveling.  and then I basted the thing together and tried it on. It may be a little wide across the chest, it’s hard to really fit something to yourself, but it’s not tight, even in the sleeve. I won’t post everything here but if you have any questions let me know and I’ll see if I can answer them.  I zigzaged all the seams. One thing I discovered about my sewing, maybe it’s from making doll clothes, but I tend to run my seams too narrow, had to redo a couple.

So now I have to figure out how to finished the neckline. I usually knit or crochet an edging but  with the stabilizer that will be difficult. It could be worked  separately and sewn on and I am considering that. Or I might come up with a facing for it. But huge steps have been taken today!


But my helper has gone over the Rainbow bridge this week. I’m going to miss him.



3 thoughts on “Okay, on the job again!

  1. Oh hazel i am so sorry about the passing of your little friend. I have been there and done that and it sure leaves a hole in our lives and heart.
    Thank you for your help and hints and for sharing yo ur talent with us. Although I have not done so yet I plan on using your patterns for the ag mini doll to knit for my 6 1/2 ” wooden hittybdoll.


  2. Wind a warp with the colors of your top and weave the neck edge right on the edge… the way South American weavers do – a tubular band. It will be a little harder on the curve but maybe you can ease as you go. The weft is threaded on a needle and goes through the fabric that you are edging. Probably safe to say you might want to zig-zag the edge first or use a fray stopping treatment.
    Here’s a beautiful example.


  3. Thank you, Ladies.
    The patterns fit Hitty well, just be sure there is little underarm fabric for the way she is made.
    The tubular band sounds interesting, but I think I’ll want to practice that first. I haven’t seen that before, I decided last night after thinking about it, to leave it plain and made a facing. It’s dark and rainy today but I’ll try to get photos up.


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