The Diamond Skirt project.

Well, I am getting this thing together but I have to admit it is not turning out quite like I pictured in my mind. I pinned it on Madelyn this morning just to check what was happening as it is difficult to tell what I have when it is wadded up in my lap. Even keeping in mind that it has not been blocked I’m not sure the assembly is working smoothly. I may have to redo some of these seams. But the biggy to my mind is the total shape. I had pictured a petal skirt, like one a friend was wearing the other day. I know that on Maddy, it just hangs and does not have the kind of swirly effect it has when you are moving, but I’m not sure it is working. Also it seems to me to be either too long or not long enough. I did a composite sketch showing it shortened. With the diamonds in the same arrangement, the short skirt forms gentle pleats. I would love some feedback, especially from those of you who actually wear skirts.

DSCN1490[1] xx short

2 thoughts on “The Diamond Skirt project.

  1. first of all, congrats and my full respect. What a project and done in almost no time!
    Ok, I see your doubts. Would be interesting what blocking will bring. In the first moment
    I didn’t like the shorten version but on 2nd view. How would you do this? Fold the diamond
    in half towards inside? I guess the yarn is kind of too fluffy a “harder” and heavier yarn would
    maybe fall more in the way you’ve expected. Never mind. It’s already amazing and I am sure
    you will find the finish you and Madeleine are happy with! 🙂


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