Another one for Madelyn!

My just finished project is a dress for Madelyn. I think this one fits under the description of Boho that I googled this morning. I used the 10 1/2” QW square for the top as it has wider spacing and worked better for this slightly fuzzy mohair. The skirt is woven on the 12” Multi Loom. I worked a border for the bottom row of the skirt but the rest of the dress is plain weave. There is elastic hand stitched at the waist and the top is tied with a ribbon. That could have had elastic as well, but I haven’t done that yet. It could also use the ribbon for some little spaghetti type straps if they were wanted. The construction is as simple as it can be– all squares- two rows for the top and two for the skirt. Madelyn is quite thin but you can re-size simply by adding more squares.

Skirt square woven on the 12″ Multi.


Stitching the skirt panels together using a mattress stitch.


The dress laid out flat is pretty much a tube. I folded down a casing at the top for the ribbon.

Dress Flat 2

And here it is on her. It looks a lot like some of the summer styles I saw for young people on my last shopping expedition. It would not take long to make for your teen or twenty something. Or yourself if this is your style! Easy to re-size, as I mentioned.

Side 1  Side 2

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