Meantime, a little fun project!

The windsock I made in April of 2008 has finally did what the plastic bag makers told us they would. It’s on it’s way back to it’s component parts. I tried to save it, but it was falling to bits as I worked . Then my eye fell on the basket of yarn snippets and scraps. The birds have never shown any interest is using this lovely nesting material so….


DSC03267 DSC03268


DSC03269 DSC03270

You can see that there were all sorts of bits in the basket, lace to bulky, wool, acrylic, mohair, cotton… I picked randomly and decided on the spot if it was long enough. It’s mostly pieces from about 4″ to several yards in one case. And I decided that the knots were a design element so pulled them all to the right side.


DSC03271 DSC03272

But the knot-less side looks good, too. The green is a  square I wove for the one that just ‘died’. If you have a stash of fairly young bags  they do make light and fluttery wind socks. Mine lasted 7 years. I have no idea how long the yarn one is going to last. They all get exposed to all sorts of weather.


DSC03273  ShoppingBag 4-2008


And here it is out on the maple with the remaining plastic bag one. I still have a small ball of this knotted yarn so there might be more coming. After the cardigan is finished, of course!


One thought on “Meantime, a little fun project!

  1. I like it!!!!! I’ve been using my left over scraps to make leg warmers! 46 stitches and k1p1 forever and ever. Of course the only reason the match is I put 12 rows of black yarn at both the top and bottom of the leg warmer. I try and pick like colors but no two are really the same. Pictures coming up shortly.


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