I’m sorry…

Looks like it’s been over a month since I last posted. Time flies whether you’re having fun or not! Not that I haven’t been having fun… well… not no fun, anyway. Just busy. I am nearly finished knitting MIL’s xmas gift so thought I ought to get out the squares and see if I have finally woven enough. It looks like I may have. I might need a couple triangles, we’ll see.

laying out

It looks like this lighter cardigan may even be too heavy for this ‘winter’. I mean, it’s Dec 2 and 45 degrees out! We’ve had killing frost exactly twice so the garden is dead but the apple still has it’s leaves and the weeping willow is just now losing its. There was a bit of snow on the 7000 foot peaks before this last storm. That should have dumped a bit on the tips. Not encouraging for next years water supply. New England and the Great Lakes are hogging it all. Hey guys, we need some, too!

But back to weaving. I am going to spend as much of today as I am allowed, working on this project and will get back to you asap! Hope you are getting a lot of weaving done! It makes great gifts!

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