Tri Shawl

I started weaving these triangles in Eugene last month thinking that tho I tell people they can weave shawls with the small looms, I have never made one myself & really ought to. I have this ball of some 600+ yards which should  give me quite a few tris…  It’s a light worsted 100% merino, very nice but with a lot of stretch and as a result, a lot of draw up. Which I didn’t really pay much attention at first. I am weaving on the 14″ triangle but my tris measure 11 1/2  to 12 inches on a side. I need two more tris to finish a shawl of about 62″ hypotenuse. I still have quite a bit of yarn but not enough to make it another row wide. Anyway, by the time I get it assembled and maybe add a fringe or edging (more likely) I’ll probably be running short. Did I say I still need to weave two tris? I wove 4 or 5 yesterday so it’s going pretty fast. I still have all those 4″ Multi squares that I haven’t quite figure out what to do with. Well, it’s July and hot so yarn thoughts are not coming thick and fast! =) Hope you’re getting in a little weaving these days, tho. Good time to work on a shawl which will come in handy when you can use a light wrap later this fall, you know.


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