Summer time….

And, contrary  to that lovely song, the livin’ is not easy.  It is hectic! Jobs and orders piling up, three shows coming up to have stock for, people calling daily with jobs that need doing now! So that’s my excuse for not posting lately. No, that’s my reason! I am getting some weaving done, it’s for that book, if I can get it finished in time. If you have great ideas you might want to check into this. The more the merrier as is said:

posted 8 days ago (Thursday, July 3)

Stackpole Books is currently requesting submissions of Pin Loom projects to be published in a book in Fall 2015. We are looking for all sorts of pin loom projects on any small loom. We want to see your creativity! The details of the Call for Submissions are available here: Please contact me with any questions at cderr at stackpolebooks dot com.

Meantime our local grocery is up for sale. If you’d like to move to a lovely mountain village and run your own little corner ‘general’ store here’s an opportunity not to miss. I have no interest in this except as a customer. But if you’re a weaver, I’d dearly love to have you as a neighbor, too! (call Steve  at Weaverville Realty)


And when someone complains about me & how I get things done, I wear this shirt which explains my philosophy. Popeye got it right! Hope your day is going your way!



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