June already!

Sorry I have not been back here in a while. It’s been a busy month already. Black Sheep Gathering coming up next weekend, too. Jane Grogan is on her way west to teach a couple of classes there.  If you want to be in her classes you’d better hurry to sign up. I don’t know if there’s any space left but you can check. she’s doing something with the 4″ Multi’s and has a Quilting class using the tiny Weaver Set. That’s going to be interesting. Wish I could join but I am going to be busy at our booth. Sis is coming up, too, and she’ll be looking at white fleeces, being the spinner of the family.

I’ve been weaving squares but have no project in the works just now. But once we get back I’ll be able to settle in. The garden is in now and growing so that project is pretty self-sustaining for a while. This is some mohair, I think it’s some Sis spun with colored nubs. Not sure what it’s going to be…



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