Finally finsihed!

The Tri top is done. I wove four 12″ squares and sewed them in pairs. Folded in the sleeve openings a couple times and fitted the sleeves in until they looked right. Pinned them in place and tried it on, adjusting until I had the look I needed.


Then I top stitched the sleeves in place.


After that I turned it inside out and cut the excess fabric and zigzaged the seam.


Here it is.


I tried to take my picture in it but the do-it-yourself-setting on my camera has quit doing it. All I get is a fuzzy one so will have to wait until Himself and do the photography with his big mulit-talented camera. But here’s the fuzzy view, for what it’s worth.

DSC01959I think it turned out, in the end, okay if a less than flattering design for me. The color is nice and the texture of this soft cotton is very nice.

And, by the way, the beans are coming  up! Hope things are springing up where you are!


One thought on “Finally finsihed!

  1. Looks pretty nice. The horizontal line could be a tad lower, but it works. I’ll be it feels really nice. It looks soft…or maybe that’s the fuzzy picture. I have 25 beans up and counting. That doesn’t count the ones I’m currently picking. I’m trying some summer beans out in the main garden. I’m going to plant marigolds around them to try to keep the bugs at bay.


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