I wove some 7″ triangles and made a sleeve. I think it’s going to work. I need to weave the other one and sew up the neckline a bit, it’s too wide as is. Then we’ll see.



Meantime I was playing with a little thing I found on a Brazilian Youtube. I did this experiment on the Tiny Weaver Square. It should have had 5 petals, but I wasn’t up to the math and just wanted to see how it would work. Kinda of cute. Takes a bit of time and  my warp was, in this case, too thick to really work well. There’s a rather too thick lump in the center where all the warps cross, but I can see uses for this sort of thing.


2 thoughts on “Sleeves

  1. I love the colors in your blouse. I think it’s turning out really pretty.
    The the pin-wheel looking weave square is amazing. It looks complicated. It’d make some really neat and fun items.


  2. Definitely pretty. Have to use it for an embellishment on something…like a homemade purse…or in a lighter weight yard, even a blouse.


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