Another project

The white 6″ cotton squares are going to take a long time, if they ever do get done. The one I washed did soften up. Not a lot, it’ll still be a ‘crisp’ cotton, but mostly it’s going to take a long time to weave them. So meantime I have a new project started. Have some worsted weight cotton in my stash. It’s make by blue sky Alpaca, but it’s 100% cotton and very soft. I’m not sure how it will wear but decided to try it. I’m using the 14″ triangle for this one. I just finished weaving the first Tri. It took 30 minutes to weave this one, it’s woven plain. The yarn has a subtle variation with very light blue, a slightly darker blue, and just a tiny touch of a light green. It doesn’t photograph well. I might work a texture for the yoke tris. Haven’t decided about that yet. But here’s the sketch of what I have in mind and the fist tri.

Tri top plan1 hour1hour off 6805

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