Got it finished and done and wearing it. This just goes to prove my point about evolving projects. It is pretty much nothing like what I started out to make but I am delighted with it! I ended up not using the pattern for anything but some sizing and  there is absolutely no cutting or machine sewing in this one, either. So if you were expecting that ‘lesson’ I have to apologize but I’m sure I’ll get back to that one of these days, too. Now I have to figure out what to do with that other stack of squares I’ve woven up!

But if you have some lovely soft yarn in your stash, I encourage you to make something for yourself. Most of us have too many scarves and afghans already. This top is so lovely and soft against even my old hide that I don’t want to take it off!  I started posting about this one on March 20 and had a few squares woven at that time so it has taken me a bit under one month to complete this project. Since I remade the other shirt in that same time period, not to mention taking care of the rest of life as we all must, I don’t think it really qualifies as a long-term project, either.

So here it is… ta-da!

   Finished2  Finished back2

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