Still at it. I am starting the assembly but…

Meantime, the hall closet has reached critical so I had to undertake that task today. I’ve sorted a lot of it for goodwill but there are some things I just can’t see going there.  One is this collection of crocheted doilies. My grandmother, & mother’s work mostly, and some of mine. I kept the ones I just can’t bear to part with but there are more and they will never be used again here and my kids don’t want these things, they really don’t mean anything to them. I was wondering if any of you might do lace crafts and could use them. I have seen everything from Hostess aprons, vests, and blouses, to lamp shades made using vintage doilies. I am never going to have the time to use them myself and I would love them to go to someone who could appreciate the work that has gone into them and give them new life. They could, of course, be used as doilies but I know not many modern homes use those anymore. Still, if you would like this bunch of handmade lace, I would be happy to send it to you, just let me know soon.


The doilies are gone to a new happy home!


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