It’s March already.

Not getting much better at keeping up this blog. Sorry ’bout that. We’ve been getting rain. That’s good. Been getting some book work done. That’s also good. Making looms. I have also been weaving. I’m working on a new page for the web site. You probably know by now that I have a little side hobby with the dolls. So I am making a new page for them on the web page, my knitting and weaving patterns. It’ll be a bit yet before it’s ready but I do hope there’s a few of you who’ll want to come and play.

Here’s the newest one I’ve posted to Ravelry. I made one for Shirley Temple and also a kind of version for Mini Molly.




That last one is a little scrappy but hey! It’s playing!  Anyway, it was fun and several people have bought the pattern to try it with what ever they have in stash.

Been thinking about the garden. I think it’s going to be a early spring on account of the way the weather is running. Everything is greening up and the temps have been into the 40’s and up to the 60’s. No frost for at least a week , tho I expect we’ll have more of that before it’s over. But with no snowpack it is going to be warmer and drier sooner. So getting a head start on the garden may be a good idea. Randy did a bit of turning over before the rain started, we need to move compost into the beds. Wow… sounds like a lot of work, huh?! lol

Hope you are in a moderate & comfortable part of the world, if there be such this year. Wishing you warm and Happy Weaving!

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