Class Loom

This is the class loom. there are 18 of them but more can be made if you might need them. They have a 3 1/2″ weaving area and the nails are spaced at 3/8 th inch. They come with instruction for weaving diagonally. You can get them with or without the weaving hooks.

These small looms are very suitable for children. They are small and quickly woven so the children can finish a square in a reasonable time, before their interest can wane. I have a few projects for making their own toys that I will include with the looms., my grandson models one popular project.

In the samples below, the upper one is woven with a double strand of worsted yarn and the lower with a single strand. Bulky hand spun is also a good yarn for this loom.

DSC09573 DSC09579

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