‘Tis the Season to be….

…Jolly well overly busy! The fourth week on the jury and now we have an added 2 1/2 hours to our day. That means I leave here at 7 am and hope to get home by nine pm. But we are still working hard to get your loom orders on the way to you!











Just wanted to reassure you who might be waiting. Randy has been spending his time in the shop and I’ve been out there evenings and weekends, too. We’ll get it done and want to thank you all for your patience!

Meantime, there hasn’t been one snowflake! We’re due some rain later this week, the NOAA people tell us, and they did mention a snow level of 4000′ which is as low as it’s been so far, mostly over 6000′. We sometimes get a little wet snow here when they call for 4000′ tho we are are at 2500′. Our little valley is a cold one. I would like a bit of snow before Christmas. Hate driving in it but the first snow is so pretty and makes it feel more like Christmas, don’t you think?

Hope you are having fun this December and staying warm and safe. If you’ve placed an order… it is coming!

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