More trip

Cori was getting pretty bored with riding and staying in camps where she wasn’t allowed out without a leash. She did get some runs and some tennis ball chasing, but I think she’s happy to be home again.,

If you know what this plant is I hope you will post! I love this giant (at least a yard across these leaves!) and would be willing to try it here, tho it might want a wetter climate that we could offer it. This one was in Tillamook, Oregon in the camp across the street from the Tillamook cheese factory which we visited.

This appears to be the fruit or flowers of the plant.

I think this was taken in Port Angeles, WA. Looking across the bay you can see Canada. Without passports, which we never got around to getting, this is as close was we’re going to get.

The real Pacific Ocean at last! I love those crashing waves! It’s cold and there’s bound to be an undertow

but I can watch and listen for hours!

A gull watching for ‘groceries’ to be washed in. He was running back and forth with the waves, staying just out of the water.

Some pretty flotsum.

Those slug-like shapes on the rocks which were waaay below us, are sea lions, napping on the rocks and occasionally quarreling over the best spots. Just ignore the old flower head in front.

Here are some more lions. They were just ‘going with the flow’ of the tide, laying in a group in the water. I guess if you spend your life in the water this is a comfortable way to take a nap! lol

And the one napping elk we saw. This is the last Wild life photo, too. After this we turned inland and headed home.




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