AD: Christmas spcecial

Free Shipping on some orders
Order between now and December 10th and if your order is $100+ I will refund your shipping! Continental states only.
Questions? Email anytime!
Also I have heard from weavers in other parts of the world that they would like to buy a loom but that the shipping is prohibitive. It is very true for most of our looms, I cannot deny that but the small Flat Rate Priority Mail shipping box will hold several loom sizes and the cost is $13.45 US to any place I have shipped yet. I understand that some postage rates are going up again soon so I thought I would post this list of looms that will fit in this box. I wish I could offer free shipping to you but I’m afraid that is prohibitive for me, as well. But here is a list of our looms that will fit in the small flat rate box. I tried to think of all the combinations that will fit but email me if you have any ideas.
The cost of the flat rate box within the US is $5.00.
Happy Holidays!

3.5” Tiny Weaver Square
3.5” Tiny Weaver Triangle (Unfortunately, not both)
2” Multi Square
4” Multi Square
2×4” Multi
2×6” Multi
4×6” Multi
4” Multi Square & 2” Multi square
4” Multi Square & 2×4” Multi
2” Multi square & 2×6” Multi
2” Multi square & 4×6” Multi
2” Multi square & 2×4” Multi
4” Multi triangle

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