Some weaving…

Getting ready for OFFF next week so I thought I’d whip up a new hooded scarf. I bought this yarn for a doll dress but found it not really suitable, The label has a pattern for a knitted “one skein” scarf so I thought I’d weave one instead, naturally! But this one is going to be a two skein scarf. I got four 12 inch squares out of it with a bit left over. Randy will just have to stop in Yreka on the way up so I can buy more.
I had to bring my weaving indoors last evening as we had a whopping thunder storm and rain just after dark. In spite of the rain I’m afraid there are probably going to be at least little fires this morning. Too early to tell yet but there were very many strikes. Power went out several times for a minuet or two each time. We have more predicted for the next few evenings.

2 thoughts on “Some weaving…

  1. Really beautiful. I love the fabric that is created by these looms. I made my mom a shawl from the 12 inch loom and it turned out beautiful. In fact one of the pictures of the shawl was chosen for my blog header.


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