It’s Really spring now! Warm, sunny, things starting to grow, birds carrying sticks, my birthday! The gal friends gave me a party, it was great fun to see everyone after being holed up all winter. We were all suffering from ‘cabin fever’.
And little Ellie Petunia’s mom brought me a picture of her sweet self wrapped in the blanket I made for her on the 6 inch Multi loom. It’s some nice Green Mountain Spinnery cotton and Mom says it gets softer all the time. Ellie is 6 months now and sat smiling and talking to us, such a good baby! I was happy to see the blanket in use, of course!

4 thoughts on “April!

  1. Beautiful blanket. I am almost finish a shawl I am making for my mother with the 12 in loom. When it is done. I will post a picture on my blog and let you know.


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