Those Poor Primorses…

They’re buried again. It’s nearing a foot in the open areas. No plows so far and only one brave parent from up the road trying for the school. School won’t close unless the power fails as most kids are within walking distance. Which it just did but was only off minute. This new battery back-up worked just fine, saving this half done post. Thank you, Bernie!
But Mother Nature is fooling with us, sending us the East Coast’s weather. No, Mom! We don’t want it!
Even Redding at 500′ of elevation is getting to share this one. Hiway 5 north seems to be having their troubles, tho the further you go north the better it looks. this is via the web-cams. I’m staying home!

Added on the 18th. I think it’s over for this time but here’s the primrose, one ore time…

One thought on “Those Poor Primorses…

  1. Hi Hazel,
    Thanks for your comment about my awful week. Dan is home and fine now. We had snow yesterday, thankfully not much and by the end of the day it had almost gone. Just can’t wait for some sunshine and warm weather!


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