Wow! What happened to this month

December has flown by and here I am not posting again. Been busy but that’s a poor excuse, isn’t it.
It has rained off all the snow but there is more predicted for today. We’ll see. Poor sleep last night. The bear was back for his weekly pass though but stopped here for a couple hours. We got a new fridge and the old one is setting in the driveway waiting to be hauled off. Still smells like food tho, I guess, if you have a bear nose. He did get it open and pulled out the drawers trying to find some goodies. Dog barking, husband yelling… I hope he doesn’t come back tonight.
I have Christmas songs on the XM this morning and am working on a holiday sweater for one of my dolls. I might get ambitious later and do some domestics. Himself has gone to help a neighbor move and then to visit his step-mom so I have the whole day to goof off. Yeah, that part about getting ambitious might have been a fairy tale.
Hope you are having a restful holiday season and not stressing out.
Don’t Worry, Be happy! Still good advice.

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