Home again!

The Oregon Flock and Fiber Fair was great! We had a beautiful day on Saturday and lots of people came out. We met new weavers and old friends! Sunday it rained in the morning but the afternoon, tho overcast, was pleasant.
But I am sooooo happy to be back in my woods where the only sound this evening is a few crickets and a frog or two! We camped about 50′ from a Very Busy railroad track… we got very little sleep! Next year some other new arrangements have to be made!!!
But Little Hazel Rose brought Mom and Dad by to see us again and she even agreed to model my toddler dress. I was delighted to find that it fit her nearly perfectly! Mom says she’s 2-T.
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We’ll be off to Lambtown next weekend but have to spend this week restocking! But not tonight. tonight I’m going to sleep soundly and quietly!

3 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Well doesn’t she look gorgeous! Really pretty.
    Just ordered a 14″ from Teresinha, can’t wait, tho the PO are messing with my head, I seem to have worn a groove in the hallway going to and from the letter box! I’m sure a donkey and cart would have been quicker than 1st class…


  2. Oh, she is just adorable!!! Now I have to scroll off the picture quick or my 6 yo dd will be saying ‘I want one just like that, mom!’ Shes been begging for a ruffled skirt forever! With a few modifications… I might just make her one like that dress!


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