We sent Justin home because he starts school tomorrow.  But it’s kind if lonely around here now, too.  Sis came down today to spend some time this week while Randy is off working on his step mom’s place, so I am not altogether alone.

And it’s a good thing she did come as she was able to discover the problem with my computer so I am once again able to post photo’s here and my stamps program is working again so I don’t have to make the 16 mile trip to the post office every day to ship looms!

And she told me I was making pictures too big for this blog so this time I’m being conservative. Here are Justin and I before we headed to the airport. I don’t need that orange sweater today, for sure, as the temps are back into the 90’s for a couple days before taking a sharp dip back into the 70’s. What a weather year we’re having! lol Hope your summer has been interesting!

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