Handwoven’s Not Just Socks contest loser.

This is the sock yarn project that was a finalist but did not win. It is one of the dresses I wove for the Hand-Woven magazine sock yarn contest. It is Tofutsies sock yarn and the trim is crocheted with Wildfoote. I knitted a ribbing on the sleeves.
This dress was woven on the 2”, 4”, & the 6” Multi square looms, weaving diagonal. I did two others from a different brand of yarn. 

The good news is that  one of the winners did win using our Hazel Rose Looms. For me that is almost as good as winning myself! Congratulations Zann!

Be sure to keep a look out for the magazine in your bookstore. Not sure when the winners will be published but it should not be long!

3 thoughts on “Handwoven’s Not Just Socks contest loser.

  1. I think your dress is wonderful also!!! I love the little poof in the sleeves! Zanns cape/shawl is gorgeous too! I love the swirly crochets she did!!!! Really gets the ideas flowing! And here I am working on this plain ol plain ol baby blankie made with 7 inch squares. 😛 Pics will be up when it’s done though! 🙂


  2. Amen, Zann! Thank you All. And there is nothing wrong with “plain ol”! lol We use yarns to add zip. You have one of my all-time fav’s… the XO blanket, still pictured on the web site.


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