Still trying to be spring.

As  you see, the snow is gone again. We’ll probably have more showers but for now its lovely, blue sky, and warm.  Got up to 71 today.  It’s back into the 30’s tonight, tho, so not quite spring yet.

Here’s Randy out fixing the sprinkler he broke last fall by dropping a dead alder right on it! Good shot had he been aiming for it. but he’s good at plumbing, too and it’s all fixed for when that time comes again.

Had to take my car into Weaver to the body shop to get the fender and tail light replaced from when that pine tree backed into me.  We also picked up the nail order and some groceries.

I have a bunch of looms to ship tomorrow but we took the day off. First time we’ve spent a day out of the loom shop in two weeks. We needed that,  I did get a little done on my weaving project this evening but have not been getting much time to use them, too busy making them! 🙂  Hope you are enjoying yours, too.

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