Winter coming downhill

snow (287k image)

The top of Morrison Gulch is about 4500′ so this white stuff is probably less than 2000′ above us. We had some sprinkles of it in the rain yesterday. It’s clear and sunny, as you see, today but the next storm, predicted for Friday, is being called a “Winter Storm”. I’m guessing that means lower snow levels. I was sure hoping it would wait ’till after TG as we’re invited to Sis’s which means three high passes, the highest & last to be cleared is at 5100′. Well, winter it is! 😛 We’ll cope.

Meantime I’m still working at the new loom and inventing a new Hazel Rose loom at the same time. I wove a couple prototypes on it but am not satisfied with it just yet so am not going to tell you! :hehe:

But speaking of HR looms… Randy has been asked by a couple of different people to make Multi Loom triangles. One customer also wants a Multi diamond. Randy has been able to produce these variations. I just mention it as he has bragged that he can make anything so it looks like weavers are testing him!

Hope you are all enjoying the brisk weather and staying healthy! 🙂

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