Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival

HazelRoseBaby (84k image)

What a delightful surprise! Who should come to visit us in the booth at OFFF but Hazel Rose herself! :)She brought her parents, of course, and we were happy to meet them as well. Hazel was not named after myself and my sister Rosy but I think we are still going to adopt her! 😀 She is just a cutie and gave me the biggest smile. It’s not showing here so big but that’s only because she had not yet decided if it was okay to be quite that far from Mom and Dad. :O
We had a lovely visit with the Nichols and met many other friends this weekend. Many we had only ‘met’ previously on-line. It’s always fun to meet face to face people you have been talking to on-line. We got a lot of feed-back from weavers who have our looms and were able to introduce them to many who had not seen them before.
We also shopped among the other booths for luscious fibers and yarns, watched the spinning competitions, visited the animals in the barns, and the parking lot fleece sale which is always a big temptation. I resisted but Rosy wasn’t quite able to! :laugh:
The volunteers who organized the show did a wonderful job and it was bigger than ever this year. These people work so hard… and it is a hard job!… but the show reflects their efforts and if you have never been it is certainly worth the trip. If you are at all able to make it, do go next year, you won’t be sorry!

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