woodpeckerFlicker (319k image)

We’ve had a rather noisy week. Today it finally got on my nerves and I went out and got a picture of this guy in the old cedar off the kitchen porch, raising a loud & rather shrill racket. I could not see the problem until my Robin (the cat version) wandered over and rubbed my ankles. I was just guessing but I scooped him up and took him inside with me and, sure enough, a few minutes later the Flicker shut up and flew off. He hasn’t gone far, tho I still here him periodically. And I think part of the noise has been territorial as we have also had a pileated wood pecker in the yard this week. I think they’re duking it out over who gets the punky cottonwood trees! And on top of that several evenings ago there was a red tailed hawk flying laps and screeching. He only stayed that night and the next morning. At least I haven’t heard him since. But come to think of it, I haven’t heard that really annoying Pine squirrel lately, either! He’s been chewing up the green cones in the Ponderosa pine over the house and making a heck of a mess. I would not shed tears if he went to dinner with the hawk! :plain: :satisfied:

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