My first peaches!

FirstPeaches (256k image)

My little bare root peach tree, planted this spring had three peaches. It aborted one along the way but I just picked the remaining two. They are Soooo yummy! Should have got one years ago! I had a hard time deciding but I went ahead and shared with Himself. It was hard giving it up! The ants which had also found one thought so, too. :laugh: The tree came with a warning that it could be three years before it produced a crop. Well, I guess 2 peaches don’t really make a crop but I got to test that I did not go wrong in choosing this variety. It’s a semi-dwarf Red Haven.
Now we have the place picked out for the Heritage Hyde King apple that is a graft off Grandmother’s tree, but I’m not sure where I’m going to find sunny room for the apricot and pear that I’d like to add as well. I need a couple more acres of good bottom land! 😉

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