Cat Tower

cattower (224k image)

Randy installed an awning on a cabin and it came in this very large & sturdy cardboard roll which I snagged! I have the basic bit done, tho that shortest one needs to have a couple inches cut off the bottom. Now I have to cover it with carpet and fasten them together. The cats are going to love this one this winter when they become house cats once again.:hehe:
Today I had my Doc appt and he said my blood work looks good and I should eat less and exercise more, of course. 😀
But now that I’m home again I’m going to start measuring the warp for my rugs. I want to warp on for two of them so it’s going to be the most I’ve ever put on, I think. It’s pleasantly cool this morning so I’m hanging the warping board outside.
We have severe thunder storm warnings for tonight and tomorrow but it’s nice so far. Hope you’re having a lovely day, too! 🙂

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