Strawberry2 (336k image)

The Strawberry Man was in town! He picked me out a special flat of berries, not a bad on in the batch! And he added an extra big handfull to the basket of cherries I also bought! They smell soooooo gooood!
I love strawberry season. There’s no perfume in the world as wonderful as driving home from town with a flat of strawberries in a warm car! Love it.
Unfortunately., the 4 bags of manure I bought today kind of ruined that effect this time! :hehe: But it will make for a better garden this summer. Give and take, huh?! :laugh:

Did you see the finale of Dancing With The Stars? I thought for sure that Giles would win but was quite happy for Shane and Mark. I don’t get to vote since I watch it on my computer the day after, but that’s good, too, because I’d have a hard time deciding! But that’s my “tv” for the season, the only one I watch.
Okay, Dinner time… You can guess what that’s going to be! 😉

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