TennesseeTrees6aa (39k image)

We’re here in Flintstone, GA at daughter’s for the week, at last! The photo is along the road in Tennessee, taken though the windshield, which accounts for the lesser quality of it but it’s still beautiful. I don’t want to live in Tennessee but I count it as one of the prettier states I’ve been though. Many places are beautiful for different reasons, but Tennessee seems to me to be the spot the Hobbits would choose if they couldn’t have New Zealand anymore.
We are barely into Georgia here but will do some sightseeing this week and I’m sure we’ll find plenty of things to photograph.
I’m sure you saw/read about the tornadoes. We went south of Murfreesboro, but saw signs of smaller storms even there. The storm seems to have moved on, tho, and today looks to be sunny. A good thing, it’s Easter.
Hope your morning is bright and sunny, too! 🙂

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