reddingblooms1 (315k image)

Yup… Spring has started in Redding. I’m told the flowering trees started blooming about 3 days ago. I also got a shot of a Ca. poppy blooming at the base of the rolling door at the tire shop while we waited for Randy’s truck to be fitted out in new rubber. The pinkish in the photo is the tender young oak leaves just cautiously beginning to unfurl. The only sign of spring up here in the mountains so far is melting snow and catkins on alder and willow. It’s 29 degrees this morning, which is up from 23 yesterday. I guess that could be a sign as well. 😛 My son in Maryland just told me they got 8″ of snow this week, but I hope you are seeing the warmth at the end of the winter ‘tunnel’ where you are!

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