Art for Art.

disc2 (175k image)

One of the local art galleries is asking artists to make award plaques from cd’s to be awarded to the winners in the juried show in Sept. (They get a more substantial prize as well, of course) So of course I had to play! 😀 This one is 2 cd’s and a double layer dvd…the purple. I had a heck of a time getting a good picture and they are different colors in different lights so I can’t even tell you which one is the ‘true’ color, so just picked my favorite. I used my little roaster oven that I have for crafts projects to melt them a bit and they were cut on the scroll saw. This one has black beads, the name of which I cannot remember! :angry: and a bit of red foil and the glittered netting.
It was a fun project and there is already an amazing collection of Awards on display at the gallery.
There’s another one below.

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