The hedge at Hatchet Creek

HatchetCreek4a (404k image)

This bank of sweet-peas mounds up a couple feet above the road level. Dunno if that makes it a hedge or not but close enough for me. It caused quite a fervor a few years ago when the new highway foreman ordered mowing right in the prime of the wildflower bloom. It was a pitiful sight and he has not repeated his error! :confused: The community rose in en mass and let him know it was the wrong thing to have done. So now we have our lovely blooming roadsides again and they can still be mowed before (normal) fire season begins. But even this year the road sides are not what is endangering us as lightening rarely strikes sweet-peas in a gulch. But I wish you could see this in ‘real life’… it is sooo much more beautiful, as is all this country. Do send up your prayers/thoughts/wishes/vibs… whatever you have… that it continues the same. 🙂

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