Coffee Creek

CoffeeCreek (195k image)

People frequently ask why it’s called Coffee Creek. Now you know. The spring run-off comes as latte’, I guess it’d be, with cream?, but it’s always brown when the snow melts as rapidly as it has been doing the last two days. You should hear it! It’s roaring. But tho it’s high, into the first over-flow, there no danger of flooding this year and I expect it to start dropping today or tomorrow. The mountains are turning green again. And our cousin and some friends hiked to Stoddard lake yesterday, too. If they can get there (or nearly there) this time of year, summer is here.
Randy’s gone hiking today, too. Cuz was supposed to go with him but opted out. I’m not happy for him to be going alone, but it’s just a day hike and he’s experienced and has never had any ‘adventures’.
Hope you’re seeing wonderful hiking weather where you are.

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