Big enough

DSC00206 (194k image)

This one is about 18 X 24 I think and plenty big for now. It’s maybe half done. I’m trying some things that are new for me and they aren’t all working. :confused: One good thing about oils is that you can scrape it off and try again! And again, if need be.

But It hasn’t all been painting. Randy and I took a trip to Red Bluff yesterday (& I once again forgot to get photographic evidence!) to the 6th annual fiber On The Foot show. It was mostly alpaca breeders, which I believe is how the show started, but there were also a few sheep and angora goats and one Llama. And some Very Nice handspun yarns! Some breeders also had knitted or woven things for sale as well, and there were spinning demo’s and a lady giving a lecture on (I gathered) pricing of fleece for a gathering of breeders. It was a small show but well done. We enjoyed it and talked to some nice people and handed out a few brochures. We may join as a vendor next year if there is any interest.

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