TB4 (57k image)

Had a couple of singular looms that I wanted to sell so i signed up for an Etsy account. In case you aren’t familiar with this, it’s an on-line shopping center for hand crafts and art. I listed the two looms yesterday, a 14″ diamond and a 7″ tumbling block. The diamond has already sold. The TB is one I did ‘art’ on and decorated a bit. I’m impressed with Etsy so far. I think I’ll post some of the other singular looms we have in the shop. These are good looms, just not ones that fit into our regular line up for this or that reason.
It’s snowing again today, heavily, but I am getting tired of snow pictures, aren’t you? It’s lovely in December. By February it’s losing it’s delight quotient! :laugh:
Well, I have some art class homework to finish and am still working diligently on assembling the vest. Hope you have a lovely warm day!

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