Wanna guess who’s bored with winter?

CoriBall (147k image)

Yup, she only comes in for dinner or when she finally gives up on a human coming out in the 34 degree day to play ball with her in the frozen mud and ice. And then, anytime she sees me putting on a sweater, her hopes rise again. Nope, only going to the wash room or studio. And the cats live in the studio and they won’t play ball either.
Haven ‘t got up the courage to try to put her on the treadmill with me. I just doubt she’d consider that a good alternative to a good long walk! Well, she walked up to the water tank with Randy yesterday, so that should hold her for awhile. We usually play chase the tennis ball to the mailbox and back… half a city block? but no mail today as we are celebrating Dr. King’s birthday.
Got some more ‘fairy dust’ snow falling just now. So far hasn’t laid down enough to make the old stuff look clean again.
Guess I’ll go back to weaving and laundry. 😛

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