A break

old_truck_ (192k image)

We’re getting a break in the storm, the sun is going to come up this morning. I wanted to go out and take some photos for next year’s xmas cards but my car door is frozen over and I’m not sure I can get out the driveway now that Randy’s truck has packed the new snow. I think I’ll give it another try in a bit because this froth we got last night is going to evaporate rapidly once the sun hits it. If I can get in the car I’ll give it a try. If I get high centered, he’ll just have to dig me out tonight. It was his idea for me to go out & get photos, after all! :laugh:
It sure is pretty and we can’t complain because it’s what we’ve all been asking for. Hope we get enough to fill the lake without flooding, too.
Hope you are having a beautiful January!

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