Starting right… ?

edging2 (135k image)

Yes, I am still working on my woven sweater but thought I’d take a little knitting break, as I really enjoy that, too. So having this pink mohair/wool yarn at hand and the ever-ready Pi shawl pattern nearly in my head I thought… baby blanket. There’s aways a baby coming somewhere! lol But I found this lovely edging, much wider than those I usually tackle in my lace knitting dyslectic condition, I decided that I would start the New Year by not going back to the same ole, but actually DO one of these pretty edgings. This is only a 10 stitch repeat, but goes up to 32 stitches wide, a record for me! :O As usual, it started off rough but I finally found that if I count each row as I finish, making sure of the correct number of stitches, I can do pretty well. Another “innovation” is using the old sliding window that we used to teach some children to read; those who can’t keep focused on the row they are reading. It’s been a big help in this instance to me, as well. Not a problem I have reading, but in knitting I have to take my eyes off the pattern to watch what my hands are doing and I wasn’t always getting back to the correct line when I looked up again. But this is working and I’ve now worked a WHOLE REPEAT without having to tink! :laugh:
I hope your New Year is starting off on the right foot, too!

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