Looks like this is working again…. (knock–knock!)

DeliFire (187k image)

Now, how weird is this?! I have been trying for nearly two weeks to load this photo here. My server’s tech help decided that the dsl modem they sent me was faulty and there’s a new one coming soon. But now this thing seems to be working again! Does AI go on vacations! :laugh:
But… meantime, our local cafe is no more. Used to cook and waitress there many years ago back when it was a fun place. Now the nearest eatery where you don’t have to do your own cooking is 8 miles down the road and the owners there are really considering retiring. That’ll make the next nearest restaurant 40 miles away! Bummer…
We finally got a bit of snow but it’s being rained away as we speak. However, the snowpack ‘Up There’ is getting thicker. That’s what counts in the long run.
Hope you guys are having a safe & warm winter.:D
Merry Christmas!

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