Hotter’n darn-it

tomato (174k image)

My poor tomatoes are wilting, the lawn is turning brown and the water company is dry. I can do a bit of sprinkling on the pump, but it’s not keeping up. We’re supposed to get a break from this 100+ weather next week. Oh how I long for a cool 90 degree day!:P
Randy’s the new water master and has had all this dumped in his inexperienced lap! They made him water master because he’s nearly the only one in the company under 75 and physically able. And it’s not like he hasn’t anything else to do. Probably nearly the only one also, who has a full time job. (and moon-lights, too!)
He worked on water business all day and I hope he’s going to get some loom time in this evening before people start writing me evil emails about where their looms are. We’re peddling as fast as we can! :crazy:

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